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Hosting & Managed Services

 Why managed services to be used for hosting?

Businesses can find three different options available to them, when hosting a site is concerned. They are namely, dedicated server hosting, virtual server hosting and shared hosting. An unmanaged and managed model exists within dedicated server hosting. Assuming that big businesses using dedicated server space is getting hits in millions every days, making use of managed services does imply good sense from the business perspective. Contacting our professionals at Brain Foster Technologies will help you to know more about Hosting & Managed Services.

 Few reasons to know

       Cost factor: It is undoubtedly an obvious advantage derived from managed services. In this case, we as the service provider are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of software and hardware. You as a client do not have to worry about such issues and do not have to hire anyone for 24/7 server monitoring, thus resulting in cost benefits. However, in few cases, managed services might prove to be more expensive when compared to unmanaged model. So discussing with our professionals can help you to know which one is suitable for your kind of business.

       Round the clock availability: It is probably the least talked benefit belonging to the managed model. For example, an organization having 10 employees and feature rich site getting hits regularly in thousands. If there is a determination to purchase servers, it becomes necessary to hire dedicated resources to install the servers in-house and manage them. This would require a good amount of investment. But by choosing managed hosting services, you are able to get round the clock well trained professionals managing the servers, at no additional expense.

       Flexible costing: Again like the above scenario, the organization would be required to spend fixed amount for hiring resources. But using managed services, billing often is done on bandwidth, hours worked and data transfer, thus ensuring that a good amount of money is saved, if any activity hardly takes place on the server.

 Seeking the best professionals for seeking top quality Hosting & Managed Services

As an entrepreneur, it is your duty and responsibility to seek the very best hosting services to ensure that your business is able to reap in the benefits with the services offered by the industry professionals. At Brain Foster Technologies, our experts are not only certified in the respective domain, but also are complete professionals, knowing what is to be done to help their clients to benefit from their services.

 Summary: Hosting services when properly understood and selected can help your business to reap in the benefits and also help to save a good amount of money in the process.

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